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Mother of the Bride & Groom

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If you’re on this page it could be that you are about to become the mother of the bride or groom! Well, you have come to the right place. Speaking as the mother of two married daughters, I can confirm that the day your child gets married is right up there as one of the most spectacular days in your life. Its true, we all just want our kids to be happy and finding that right person is one of the keys to a contented life.

So, on this monumentus day you know you want to be looking your very best!  There is no room for error here.  From your painted toenails up to your fabulous hat, every little last detail should have you feeling like a million dollars!  BUT… there’s always a but isn’t there! You need to be comfortable! You need to know that the gorgeous dress is still going to be feeling like that million after your big meal, a few wines and a bit of a boogie around the dance floor. And that’s where we come in!

Marian’s of Perth has been helping to to dress mothers of the bride and groom for nigh on 30 years!  I have been there – twice! So when I say I speak from experience its both as a fashion store owner and as that mother who ate, drank and danced.   Both Eileen and I (Eileen’s daughter is getting married next year so this is very topical for us, Mum and Auntie!) believe that listening and honesty is the best approach to helping mums find the outfit of their dreams.  We’ll ask you what you have in mind, offer advice and encourage you try on a few different looks to help you picture yourself on the Big Day.

We stock a fantastic range of occasion wear from sizes 8 to 32 so we know we have a stunning selection for all shapes and sizes.  Dresses, jackets, coats, trousers, skirts, blouses….  Wonderful designers like Ann BolanGeorgedeLibra and Michaela Louisa have listened to women just like you to create outfits that transform effortlessly from day to night.

With the outfit chosen we can help you move onto shoes, bags, hats and jewellery.  We stock co-ordinating accessories to help you complete your look and give your outfit that final WOW!  After all, This may be the bride and groom’s big day but its always nice when Mum gets a well-deserved compliment or two!

If you would like to book some personal time with us then why not speak to the wider wedding party and get in touch – for groups of 6 or more we would be delighted to help you shop after our regular opening hours.

Do drop in and have a chat, we’d love to help!

Marian X

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